Affiliate informationWhy to become an affiliate?

Why should I be your affiliate?

Reasons to become an affiliate:

No initial costs

Start up costs are super low. All you need is a device connected to internet so that you reffer our services to potential customers.

No technical expertise

You don’t need any expert knowledge on a subject to sell affiliate products either. All you need is the ability to market the right affiliate products to the right people.

No Staff

You don’t need staff. When you get started as an affiliate you can do it all yourself.

Ready Services

You don’t even need a product you simply have to promote our services which are already for sale.

Passive income

Earn passive income. It’s a bit like the money you earn if you buy a house and then rent it out – for as long as you own that house and are renting it out, you earn money. In a normal job you only get paid once for the work that you do, but as an affiliate you can keep making money from the same work day in, day out.

Own working hours

The opportunity to work your own hours. I’m not saying that you’ll be sitting on a beach drinking Pina Coladas and only working an hour a day after your first month as an affiliate. However, you do have the power to work when it suits you and have a more flexible life. You become your own boss – how cool is that?

30 percent discount

Description of affiliate program: "Bring Your Neighbour"

  • For every customer, who invest in products in Monetus platform by using your affiliate link, you will receive 30% from the service fees that your referred investor pays for the time that this particular product exists.
  • Let’s do some quick math on how much you can actually make as an affiliate. Imagine you’re promoting Monetus, a really popular investing platform. You’ll have a special link, known as an affiliate link, for every product that you’re promoting. Affiliate links have tracking in them to make sure that you get credited with every sale you make. When someone clicks your affiliate link, then the merchant knows it was you who sent the customer. Let me stress that affiliate links don’t affect the customer at all… they don’t pay more, they don’t miss out on anything, and they will most likely never know that they purchased through an affiliate link.
  • All it means is that you get a commission when a customer registers and after clicking on your affiliate link for every service he buys for the period of 1 year.
  • So the big goal of affiliate marketing is to get as many people as possible clicking on your links and visiting Monetus platform the more people that click on your affiliate links, the more chances you have of a sale occurring and earning a commission.