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Monetus Fund Weekly Update

Monetus Fund Weekly Update

Right now the cryptocurrency market looks like it is ready to continue it's bulish trend and it is a matter of time to see new hights of Bitcoin and some of the altcoins. Our fund right now is fully loaded with all the included altcoins and we are going to let them run for a while. Our scheduled rebalance of the portfolio is planned for the end of the year, but we might move  it, if we see big volatility on the market.

Technical analyses of BTCUSD. 
When we keep in mind that 3 weeks ago Bitcoin made it's 4th biggest move our current bias is Bulish. We believe that we might see some basing around 8000-9000 range and then continue with the next leg up.
Altcoin market - When it comes to the altcoins, BTC dominance looks like it is in a downtrend . We expect further downside for the domimance (meaning altcoins will rise against BTC). Our target for the bitcoin dominance is around 60%  where we will rebalcne our portfolio fully and hedge our altcoins. This idea might fail if we see another big move of BTC up.

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