How it works?

Platform for investments where our professional trader's winning strategies will make profits for you.

Monetus Hedge Fund gives opportunities to make profits without being professional trader and take off the whole management of crypto assets trading investment risk.

The investment profit/loss are then shared or divided among the members of the investment portfolio, based on the proportions of cryptocurrency assets invested by each member of the portfolio.

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Global FUND Distribution

Active Portfolio - This portfolio will be actively managed. It will include trading instruments such as futures. We will use platforms like Bitmex, WCEX, Binance that offer margin trading to maximize our ideas. This portfolio will also be used to provide hedge in the event of a downward movement.

Passive Portfolio - This portfolio is not actively managed. It includes certain currencies and projects that have been previously reviewed and verified. The portfolio will be regularly rebalanced against market conditions.

ICO investment - This part of the fund will be used to find good projects and invest in them. This part of the fund is considered the most risky because of the high risk of this type of investment and the increasing number of frauds in this area.

Passive FUND Distribution


Cryptocurrencies with high capitalization (Ethereum, Litecoin, Riple, BNB etc.)

Cryptocurrencies with average capitalization (ONT, HOT, BAT, ZIL etc.)

Cryptocurrencies with small capitalization (Aergo, FTM. LOOM, QKC etc.)

If you have any questions about how to make an investement, please feel free to contact us.