GIN Coin Masternode Details

GIN Coin (GIN)

GIN Coin (GIN)

GIN coin is an open source, decentralized, peer to peer cryptocurrency that is similar to Dash. 
This coin uses Masternodes technology and so it has features like InstantSend (Instant transactions) and PrivateSend (private transactions). You can read more about InstantSend and PrivateSend here at GoByte wallet guide.

The main goal of this project is to democratize the way Masternodes are created. While GINcoin is a cryptocurrency that features instant and anonymous transactions this one has a working platform and it is a turnkey masternode coin. It means this platform offers users an easy way of setting up Masternode in just a few clicks. 
The best part is you don’t need to know what a VPS is and you don’t have to possess any programming knowledge or technical abilities to setup a Masternode. Not just to setup GINcoin Masternodes but it also provides this service for other Masternode coins as well. You can find more information on submitting other Masternode coins to GINcoin platform.

  • Annual Interest


  • Coins Required

    1 000 GIN

  • Coin Price

    $ 0,00

  • MN Worth

    $ 0,00

  • MN Investors


  • Risk Level


  • Volume

    16,516 GIN
    $ 0