SmartCash Masternode Details

SmartCash (SMART)

SmartCash (SMART)

SmartCash is a community-driven cryptocurrency built on the zerocash protocol. It prioritizes privacy and fast transaction times, with the goal of achieving merchant adoption. The project’s defining feature is its distrust of central authority, even forgoing a Foundation or core team.

The currency’s characteristics are similar to Dash in that it seeks to gain mass adoption with a fast, private currency. The major difference is that Dash is seen as a somewhat centralized currency with its use of masternodes and reliance on the Dash Foundation. SmartCash hopes to avoid to avoid the idea of Foundations, core teams, or centralized mining.Instead, SmartCash implements a number of decentralized governance and development features. It invests heavily in community-appointed development. 
As a result, SmartCash’s popularity has grown. While it’s nowhere near as well-known as Dash and other private payment platforms like Zcash and Monero, SmartCash provides an interesting perspective on anonymous, untraceable, usable cryptocurrency.

  • Annual Interest


  • Coins Required

    100 000 SMART

  • Coin Price

    $ 0,00

  • MN Worth

    $ 448,00

  • MN Investors

    2 426

  • Risk Level


  • Volume

    72,681,382 SMART
    $ 582,752