Ultragate Masternode Details

Ultragate (ULG)

Ultragate (ULG)

Blockchain solutions 3.0 (by Ultragate) Ultragate provides different and full ecosystems on the blockchain. With all blockchain services provided, Ultragate focuses on building and designing fast, easy to use and secure blockchain products. 
Ultragate developers aims to raise awareness to blockchain solutions and increase usage by mainstream customers. With specific use cases on the blockchain, build by Ultragate developers, Ultragate bridges the gap from current mainstream to blockchain products.

  • Annual Interest


  • Coins Required

    50 000 ULG

  • Coin Price

    $ 0,00

  • MN Worth

    $ 95,00

  • MN Investors


  • Risk Level


  • Volume

    43,643 ULG
    $ 83