Snowgem Masternode Details

Snowgem (XSG)

Snowgem (XSG)

SnowGem is a fast growing coin with great features!

SnowGem is the first Zhash-zkSNARKs project to offer Masternode ownership. Originally using the Equihash algorithm SnowGem switched to Zhash (144,5) to maintain a healthy GPU mining community. There will be similarities between SnowGem and other cryptocurrencies where we find that the existing solutions are sufficient, but there will also be differences in philosophy, direction, as well as execution where we believe we can improve upon these existing solutions.

SnowGem is the first and only Zhash coin that offers Masternode ownership. We built our own wallet user interface to make your SnowGem experience smooth and seamless. Come check out SnowMine, it supports many popular coins with great features that allow you to mine more than one coin at the same time. We also successfully created our own full-node multicurrency Modern Wallet. We are working on a Payment processing system with credit card support, our own Decentralized exchange (DEX) and Content Masternodes for storing important documents and media. Currently, we have 3 full-time workers and 6 active core team members.
  • SnowGem is the First Zhash-zkSNARKs Masternode coin SnowGem has a beautiful Modern Wallet with multicurrency support
  • SnowGem has an awesome mining tool for all coins with great features
  • SnowGem has an experienced development team
  • SnowGem has a very strong and friendly community

  • Annual Interest


  • Coins Required

    10 000 XSG

  • Coin Price

    $ 0,01

  • MN Worth

    $ 120,00

  • MN Investors


  • Risk Level


  • Volume

    3,904,189 XSG
    $ 47,566