Horizen 42 Masternode Details

Horizen 42 (ZEN)

Horizen 42 (ZEN)

Horizen Secure Nodes have established one of the most secure, distributed, and resilient networks, powering the Horizen ecosystem and offering enhanced privacy as the first to market end-to-end encrypted blockchain network.

Horizen Secure Nodes employ specific enhancements, over and above a standard blockchain node infrastructure, in order to overcome these weaknesses and do not function like a standardized node or masternode.

Horizen is a blockchain platform with a leading-edge privacy technology that provides everyone with privacy and complete control of their digital footprint. We have a sustainable funding model with protocol-level solutions. The Horizen platform enables real-life uses beyond our currency including the ability to privately chat with other people. Soon, Horizen will enable you to publish information and go anywhere on the web, all with complete privacy. We are working toward the day when anyone will be able to build privacy-based applications on the Horizen platform and generate income from them. This will allow Horizen to bring thousands of real-life services to people. Services that provide them with freedom and everyday utility unlike anything ever available to them before.

  • Annual Interest


  • Coins Required

    42 ZEN

  • Coin Price

    $ 10,71

  • MN Worth

    $ 450,00

  • MN Investors

    37 575

  • Risk Level


  • Volume

    40,258 ZEN
    $ 1,354,420